Animal Like Any Other, Finishing Line Press, September 2019

Let The Body Beg, a small chap from ELJ Publications, June 2014 (no longer in print or in press)


“Home” in Queer Nature Anthology (2021) from Coffee House Press (ed. Michael Walsh and James Crews)

"My Music, My Life" an erasure forthcoming in Erase the Patriarchy ed. by Isobel O'Hare

"Dear Me As I Try to Remember Something About Love" forthcoming from Sinister Wisdom

"In Defense" in Glass Poetry Journal

"Burn it Down" in the Punch Drunk Press 2018 Anthology

"Transformation" in Punch Drunk Press

"Praise Song" and "Before/After" in South Florida Poetry

"After the Breakup" in Rogue Agent

"Who Lives and Who Dies" in Yes, Poetry

Several poems in "Reading Queer: Poetry in a Time of Chaos" an anthology from Anhinga Press (2018)

"When the Heart is Heavy" in The Fem

"These are the Hours" in Whale Road Review

"What is in Front of Us" and "Only This" in Public Pool

"Even Though I Know Nothing is Certain" in Minola Review

"Six Years" in Lavender Review

"Three Unsent Postcards" in 40th anniversary issue of Calyx: A Journal of Art and Literature by Women

“Earliest Memory” and “Dreamwork or Love” in Tinderbox Poetry Journal

“Better Awakening” in issue 6 of Yellow Chair Review

Five poems in Issue 06 of Adrienne, a journal out of Sibling Rivalry Press

“Good and Holy” in The Fourth River’s Queering Nature issue, 2015

“How to Be Happy” in Prime Number Magazine, Issue 61.2

Four poems in Sinister Wisdom’s Issue 90: “Catch, Quench”

“Fall” 2nd Prize Winner of Split This Rock’s 2013 Poetry Contest Judged by Mark Doty, (poem here.)

“Test” in Issue 18 of Switched-On Gutenberg (Theme: Corpus, The Body and its Boundaries)

“A Red-Lace Bra Creates Heat” in Rougarou, an online literary journal

“Imagined Farms” in Animal: A Beast of a Literary Magazine

“I Know Nothing” in Issue Five of The Quotable


“Making Larger Sense of our Little Lives: An Interview with Naomi Shihab Nye” in Barely South Review 2012

“Living The Question: An Interview with Seni Seneviratne” in Barely South Review 2011

“Why The Real L Word Matters: Community and Lesbian Sex, in the Flesh” in Loving The L Word, The Full Series In Focus, from I.B.Tauris

“From A South Africa Study Abroad Journal: Tara Shea Burke” in The Scrivener, September, 2011


how is your he(art)

I took over a podcast about grief and heartbreak, did some interviews I loved, have big ideas (as usual) and am redesigning as we speak, so stay tuned and listen to the previous episodes while you wait for more.