writer. educator.

I praise the intersection of story, lyric, and history. I take healing seriously. I support. I encourage. I resist productivity culture and still make things. I want to be a witness, but more: a participant. I believe in the lived-in-body as art-—politics begin here. I want to queer spaces and decolonize spaces and remove hierarchy from spaces and: let's take up space. Let's make space for all bodies. Let’s heal with wholeness and integration. Let’s tell our truths.

born blue//not without breath//blue like mountain like sky//always open//a blue want

queer, like love, is a verb

born in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and came of age surrounded by water in Norfolk and Hampton Roads, then lived a half-life in New Mexico surrounded by sky/mountains/goats I milked until I left one life for another life     how many lives in a body? currently in Colorado walking everywhere with my dog Pablo Neruda

as an educator and healing advocate I believe in :community building + encouragement + practice-based living and art+personal narratives + writing practice + everything as practice + poems + embodied everything + making for the sake of making + radical accessibility + admitting mistakes + asking how can I do better

how can we listen better//look closer///ask better questions

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June 2019: Richmond bound for home