writer. educator.

I praise the intersection of story, lyric, and history. I take healing seriously. I support. I encourage. I resist productivity culture and still make things. I want to be a witness, but more: a participant. I believe in the lived-in body as art-—politics begin here. I want to queer spaces and decolonize spaces and remove hierarchy from spaces and take up space and make space and pay attention. Let's make space for all bodies. Let’s heal with wholeness and integration. Let’s tell our truths.

born blue//not without breath//blue like mountain like sky//always open//a blue want

queer, like love, is a verb

born in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia I came of age here and then again surrounded by water in Norfolk then lived a half-life in New Mexico surrounded by sky/mountains/goats I milked until I left one life for another life     how many lives in a body fell in love with Colorado and the Rockies I walked and climbed

currently in Richmond, Virginia—a river city a city built by colony by slavery by a confederacy falling and still hovering around the policies like America has been and will be until revolution

as an educator and healing advocate I believe in: community building + encouragement + practice-based living and art + personal narratives + writing practice + everything as practice + poems + embodied everything + making for the sake of making + radical accessibility + admitting mistakes + asking how can I do better

how can we listen better//look closer///ask better questions

contact me for more + come to a class + reach out + reach