Creative Writing Coach and Technical Editor

  • Editing, support, and encouragement available for many genres of writing: creative manuscripts (nonfiction, poetry, and hybrid works are my focus), theses and dissertations, and more. 

  • Co-writing and free writing in one-on-one or small-group based environments for idea generation, to jumpstart creative energy, and to see projects through the hard process of putting words on a page.

  • Revision guidance and strategies, final copyedits, deep rewrites.

  • Ghostwriting and dictation.

  • Focus on encouragement, tools, rules, and methodologies for writing, creative, editorial, and academic work,

  • Option to integrate yoga, breath work, play, and coaching with a holistic focus to reignite enthusiasm in your own your work so you can thrive.

My work with the written word, the power of story and discovery, and mindful movement/yoga is integrated: understanding our very whole human selves is the key to living fully and creating whatever the hell we want. Let's do this together.  


  • Freelance technical editor for theses, dissertations, and other academic work, ongoing

  • Reader and editor for Saturnalia Books, 2019

  • Guest Editor, Sinister Wisdom issue 106: The Lesbian Body

    • Sinister Wisdom 106: The Lesbian Body maps the body through poems, prose, essays, and stories. The Lesbian Body navigates elegance, vulnerability, and endurance found in the flesh. These poems and narratives connect bodies and how lesbians live through them; they express how lesbian bodies become both literal expressions of a truly lived life and the ground metaphor for lesbian being. Sinister Wisdom106: The Lesbian Body documents how struggles, interactions, and words shape the relationship lesbians have with their bodies and physical selves.

  • Poetry Editor, Spring 2013-Summer 2015, The Quotable

  • Co-Founder and Poetry Editor, 2009-2012, Barely South Review

  • Editor for science-fiction novel: Prism by Thomas Trask