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Accessible, Body-Positive, Affordable Yoga Practices

  • Yoga and mindful movement for all bodies who want to move and feel better.

  • A body positive, accessible approach to movement, yoga, and working with the body as it is.

  • My focus is to use the whole system of Yoga as a holistic tool for presence, strength, ease, and more comfort in the body with less harm. This means we talk about colonization, appropriation, white privilege and access in relation to the body, as well as the harmful effects of a commodified wellness industry and diet obsessed culture. more coming soon

  • I want to bring yoga to you because it continues to save my life. ANYONE can move more, feel better, and share their gifts with the world: this starts by being in our bodies, together, right where they are. 

  • Private classes, small groups, workplace wellness, and yoga in any non-traditional space possible with a focus on access for all-sized bodies, LGBTQI+, POC, mental health, prop yoga, and trauma-awareness.

  • Experience:

  • Coming soon: community yoga classes in my big giant living room (room for 4-5 people)

make with

Writing and Creativity Coach

  • Editing, support, and encouragement available for many genres of creative writing (nonfiction, poetry, and hybrid works are my specialties).

  • Revision guidance and strategies, final copyedits, deep rewrites.

  • Ghostwriting.

  • Theses, dissertations, and academic research editing.

  • For creative writing projects: line, copy, structural, and developmental editing with a supportive, encouraging role that will help your own desire for the project come to life, but also safely push your work past your perceived limitations into more depth, emotional context, and imaginative spaces. Be ready to write outside of many boxes and explore exercises beyond your comfort zone or desired content toward what’s possible.

  • Option to integrate yoga, breath work, play, and coaching with a holistic focus to reignite enthusiasm in your own your work so you can thrive.

  • Writing and freewriting in one-on-one or small-group based environments for idea generation, to jumpstart creative energy, and to see projects through the hard process of putting words on a page.

  • Experience:

  • Coming soon: writing group!

meditate with

Meditation and Mindfulness Guide

  • coming soon