Accessible, Body-Positive, Affordable Yoga

Yoga and mindful movement for all bodies who want to move and feel better.

A body positive, accessible approach to movement, yoga, and working with the body as it is.

Focus on the practice of yoga as a holistic tool for presence, strength, ease, and more comfort in the body with less harm. This means we talk about colonization, appropriation, white privilege and access in relation to the body, as well as the harmful effects of a commodified wellness industry and diet obsessed culture. 

Private classes, small groups, workplace wellness, and yoga in any non-traditional space possible with a focus on access for all-sized bodies, LGBTQI+, POC, mental health, prop yoga, and trauma-awareness.

I want to bring yoga to you because it continues to save my life. ANYONE can move more, feel better, and share their gifts with the world: this starts by being in our bodies, together, right where they are. 

I really want this to be affordable for you: just ask.

Experience and philosophy:  coming soon