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Storyteller and story-lover. Hungrywoman. Supporter. Encourager. More than just a witness. Art is everything and everything is political. On a mission to queer the F out of everything. Let's take up space. Let's make space for all bodies. 

Born in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. 

Came of age surrounded by water in Norfolk and Hampton Roads. 

Almost died from the weight of the world in my bones.

Got an MFA and fell in love. Followed her to the high desert of New Mexico, encircled by new mountains. We had land & goats, dogs, sunsets, & heavy expectations for a long life in partnership. 

Had to leave it all behind. Relearning my own heart, my own needs, my own art carried by tension, and pain.

Currently in Denver. I walk my dog, talk to the moon, fall in and out of love, and desire toward everything.

Unsure of the future, but doing the next best thing, one next best thing at a time. 

Know better, do better.

Despite all my blue pain, I love. With my whole body in the way of light and shadow, I love.